Sitri and Camio - Illustrations from Sabbath

Scanned by Isa


The latest issue of Famitsu (August 21th) will included downloadable code for new palette swaps.

Yu Narukami - Nanako palette

Marie - Naoto palette

Shadow Labrys - Yukiko palette

Mitsuru Kirijo - Yukari palette

Elizabeth - Persona Q costume palette

Ken Amada - Shinjiro palette

So these days I’m pretty much into Love Live…

I didn’t expect to like it so much or more like, like the songs so much! Most of the songs are terribly catchy and the girls themselves are mostly lovable. (I just didn’t really like Honoka orz)

In terms of singing voices, I think this is my order preference:

  1. Eli - I knew she was good the moment I heard her, I just didn’t expect her seiyuu to actually be the lead singer of fripSide.
  2. Umi - She’s easily the most distinguishable and she can put enough power to her voice when she wants to.
  3. Maki - She sounds a little force sometimes for certain song (I think it’s the style of the song) but she’s good.
  4. Rin - At first I didn’t really notice her, but when I listen to her solos, she’s pretty nice to listen to. Very cute & energetic without being overly high pitched.
  5. Nico - She can sing, she has the ability…. BUT I DIDN’T LIKE HOW SHE ACTS CUTE. I get that it’s Nico’s character… but it ruins her singing. She would had place higher if it weren’t for this.
  6. Honoka - She sounds pretty nice, though her voice is not my cup of tea.
  7. Nozomi - She’s weaker but there’s something really cute about her voice that draws you in.
  8. Hanayo - She’s ok but too high pitched for my tastes argh.
  9. Kotori - Kotori’s worse than Hanayo in the high pitch department arghhahh. In fact, I can’t tell the different between both of them.

I’m on the second season of the anime now and I must say I enjoy it a lot - the humor made me laughed a lot of times and I like how the anime isn’t just moe blob stuffs - it focuses on the friendship, teamwork and hardships the girls went through to be an idol as well.




coach Riko’s cameo in Free makes so much sense

umm… it’s manip. edit. so, she wasn’t really there.

Woah, I just checked the ep again, and you’re right! It wasn’t Riko! It was just this guy image


have a parfait my ass they’re gonna go make out

Loki's butt, Horny's butt, Aho's butt, Hades's butt & Tsukito's butt


I should have never expected anything serious from you in my indox…

also it’s hard to judge butts if out of the 5, only one is purposely shown

  1. Loki’s butt
  2. Aho’s butt
  3. Hades’ butt
  4. Tsuki-tsuki’s butt
  5. Hringhorny’s butt

I might have thought a bit much on this but I’m not sure

I can’t believe you gave serious thought & judgement on their butts

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