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in TMGS3, could you explain how to get into angel mode or little devil mode? thanks!

1. The clothes you wear everyday while performing action affects which mode you will get. So if you want Sweet Devil, wear sexy clothes everyday and if you want Angel, wear cute clothes everyday.

2. Choose the good/cute answers during dates for Angel. You will see pink feathers popping out. Choose the bad/answers challenging the guy during dates for Sweet Devil. You will see purple feathers popping out. In other words, its easier to achieve Sweet Devil when you have higher affection with the guy.

3. Last but not least, during skinship, Touch the guy more for more pink feathers to get to angel. Hold the guy’s hand more to get more purple feathers to get to Sweet Devil. Tease has mixed effects, so its better to do the above.

Both modes can go up to Level 4.
Also I find certain guy easier to go into certain mode:
Angel - Tamao, Ruka
Sweet Devil - Kouichi, Niina
Flexible for either mode - Shitara, Arashi

I hope this helps!


Ren’ai Saiban - 40mP ft. Hatsune Miku


drawing happy Elliot/Leo feels wrong somehow.


花とアバチュ ✧「無糖


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Robin in Smash!


More pictures for Magi vol 22 omake manga XDD Sinbad accidentally shaved off half side of his hair and eyebrows~

But in the end both Sinbad and Ja’far shaved their eyebrows due to cranky brains from sleepless nights.. Why Ja’far, whyyyy? 囧

Does your eyebrows have to follow your king to the end too? www

Thanks to Yamuraiha’s magic they managed to grow back their eyebrow and hair before the meeting…


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