Anonymous asked: hi there! you seem pretty knowledgeable about TMGS3 so i was wondering, do you know how to activate Shitara and Konno's PVP? i've been trying to follow guides and they say to wait until June of third year, make one of the guys go into danger zone, and then 3P date to activate PVP. am i doing it wrong?

You are not doing it wrong but it’s risky to wait till June to start making the guy go into Danger zone as
1. Triggering PvP can take a few dates (mine took 4 dates to trigger, i think it can take more as it doesnt trigger automatically like the Sakurais or Judo)
2. Making a guy go into danger zone takes time too.
3. You might not have the time to lower the guys pride because of above factors and you might end up with Girl ending 1.

What I did was I started dating Shitara exclusively after Valentines and by June Tamao is already well in the Danger Zone. after that it took me 4 dates to activate the PvP and by the time I lowered Tamao’s pride completely it was already late Sep.

If you are scared that the 3P will break while trying to get a guy into danger zone because the triangle isnt close enough to begin with, you can try to start exclusively date a guy at Apr, latest early May. Its always best to try to do PvP only when the triangle is close knitted. (Aka both guys are happy)

I hope this helps!